Preparing for Retirement

Kevin O'Neil, Retirement Planning Guru, provides an inside look at the issues surrounding a maximized retirement plan. is a podcast production of Indieloo - It's Your Place For Your Show. Discover your voice...Tell your story...Grow your business.

Kevin O'Neil is a Chartered Financial Consultant and Accredited Investment Fiduciary with 35 years experience in the creation, optimization, and management of your retirement plan. About 20 years ago, he made the personal decision to advise his clients independently of Wall Street Banks, Investment Firms, and Insurance companies. This allows him to provide completely objective, unbiased advice that guides his clients toward reaching their financial goals.

In this thirty minute episode, we discuss:

  • When and How to prepare for Retirement
  • The 16 Management Challenges to Retirement Planning
  • Understanding your Retirement Quotient
  • Is it ever too late to plan?

Listen to this enlightening episode of, hosted by Bill Hornbeck below ...

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